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    Fall 2011, Kate Spade  in cooperation with the lipstick brand Poppy King, launched a new lipstick series “Supercalifragilipstick”. “Supercalifragilipstick” lipstick series with four colors, the texture of lipstick collection lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm in one component of the shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, effectively make the lips all day to maintain moisture, and lightly coat can be perfect hair color, creating bright lips moist.
    Kate Spade chief executive Craig Levitt (Craig Leavitt), said the brand’s goal is to become a product line covers clothing, watches, jewelry, stockings and so all-round lifestyle brand. He said: “It is really important for our growth in terms of capacity.And also as we could see for kate spade bag/handbag are really popular among young people.We must believe Kate Spade brand would go far more than we could image.


    Though several decades pasted,we find the more time,the more result we can see and this will always prove the quality & style for the times.

  • Kate Spade

    Spade Kate and her husband Andy Spade after several hard work finally launched the first Spade Handbags Kate Series in 1993. This handbag series with classic shape of handbags for basic, with satin soft nylon surface to make, or, with other unexpected colors and fabrics. Out of the effect of surprise.

    In 1996, just three years after the debut, Kate Spade The has been awarded the best new hand bag accessories award by Council of Fashion Designers Kate America of (CFDA) . In the same year, Kate Spade opened the first store in New York. Just a year later, because of the volume of business and the popular style, so he moved to the adjacent streets.


    In 1998, Kate Spade won the CFDA best accessory of the year. In the same year, Spade Kate opened second stores in Boston. Since then, the number of Spade Kate stores and her fame is directly proportional to the growing. 2004, more out of the United States, towards the international, in Japan, Philippines and Hongkong opened stores. Development so far, Spade Kate has not only handbags, as well as accessories, shoes, sunglasses, perfume, baby clothes and supplies, and even greeting cards, stationery, etc., to become a complete taste of life brand.