A new brand of kate spade

Speaking of the early years of the US light luxury brands, people first thought must be Coach , which is why now filled with C package. However, as the younger luxury market, diversification, Kate Spade  all these years has been as more young women locked target, while Michael Kors (MK) also gradually emerge by consumers. More than half of women are petty compared to Coach more willing to invest in these two brands.


Why Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) so popular? –

-First: Last year or two in the global shop very fast, they can sell the amount of the total number of global reach triple digits, because a large amount of stimulation shop faster sales growth.
-Second: Consumers have developed consumer inertia of the traditional old luxury, they need new brands to meet their diverse needs.
-Third: Brand high cost of these so-called luxury light, the price is not as expensive as the luxury line, but the quality can be, and the design is very trendy and stylish.