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    As a class of luxury goods, kate spade outlet bag cleaning problems are also of concern. Luxury to buy the heart, on the maintenance and cleaning of luxury is even more on the heart. So kate spade handbags cleaning and maintenance is also very important oh.Kate Spade (Kate Spade) is a handbag, shoes, red American brand. Founded by Katherine Noel Brosnahan, is a frequent visitor to the New York Fashion Week, swept New York in a simple and flexible style, bright and bold colors and lively and interesting life.

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    It shows the kate spade outlet new york girl with heart for the future of the beautiful vision and fearless. Many people buy kate spade handbags, with a period of time a little dirty, but do not know how to clean, here to introduce some of the methods.Recommended katespade bag cleaning best with a special bag cleanser, also known as cleaning agent. If there is no special bag cleanser, you can go to the relevant counter to ask where to buy.

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    If there is no special bag cleanser, then you can use detergent, but do not use the kind of too stimulating, do not overdose. Some people use toothpaste to clean, the effect is also very clean.Some consumers reflect the cleaning kate spade outlet package after the canvas are plush, and this is the use of cleaning tools wrong, or too much force. kate spade handbags cleaning time to use a soft soft cloth or soft toothbrush, to gently brush, brush a few times on the clean.

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    Some consumers in order to save easy and convenient, directly to the kate spade outlet package throwing washing machine washing machine, can be imagined, so wash out the katespadeb bag damage how much. If you want to maintain a good katespade package, then try to avoid washing with a washing machine. There kate spade handbags cleaning time, do not need to bubble the whole bag in the water, just a little bit of cleaning on it. Note that the cortical part of the water should not be exposed, even if the stained immediately wipe clean.

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    Long-awaited travel, an exciting party will be realized soon! Kate spade new york in particular for you to prepare a special year for you a single product, whether it is a new mini-version of the candace wrist bag, or the fun of the cock coin purse, you want to “blockbuster ” Kate spade new york Go to the exotic Moroccan, inspired by the hazy dims of the desert, the colorful candle lanterns.

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    The delicate roses of the rose petals, the crowded open market and the oasis-like quaint and elegant horse-learry garden. The entire series of the use of different texture of the fabric and rich details, such as hollow, tassels, rose decals and lotus leaf, many elements will be integrated in the soft Smart profile, in the complex even more flavor. Elegant fabric marked with random pleats, in order to create a classic Slim trumpet profile, re-interpretation of the Bohemian style.

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    Rich layers of dress and skirt is exudes an elegant atmosphere, and casual cotton and linen style in sharp contrast. Lightly fluttering sleeves straight straight dress and a sense of the structure of the shirt revealed a trace of Moroccan atmosphere. This season with fresh white and pure black as the background, but also highlights the brilliant colors and patterns. Floral pattern has been a new interpretation, the flowers are more powerful and more shocking.
    Decorated with peacock feather silk dress with bold and eye-catching blue and red, with a unique style of embroidery each other against the background. Berber stripes for the season must be a single product into the playful full of fresh breath. Kate spade new york fourth launch pajamas series, to help you energetically dream.

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    Series of single products, including soft cotton and silk shirt, trousers / shorts suits, nightgowns, pants and shirt pajamas, are followed by the classic style and color brand, and decorated with iconic prints and words pattern. Crisp and no type of elegant hayes street trumpet saddle bag debut as the main, this season is not to be missed the new handbags.
    Wicker braided monkeys and camels in the tassels and beads decorated under the embrace of life. Novel styling and classic popular style and this season’s striking bright colors side by side, more dressed exquisite elegant straw handbag people shines.

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    “We are looking forward to bringing this interactive experience to women around the world so that they can see and buy the 2017 Spring Series for the first time,” said Deborah Lloyd, president and chief creative officer of kate spade new york. Moroccan style for the inspiration of the design.We hope that through this Facebook live event, so that brand fans who experience the experience of kate spade new york girl in New York fashion week through the day, and to show them the latest brand ‘ Buy a series of selected products. ”
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    Kate spade new york executive vice president and chief marketing officer Mary Beech said: “kate spade new york customers and their preferences as the core of the brand, we hope that customers can enjoy a full range of brand activities kate spade new york fashion The brand’s online customer base growing, we also know that customers are keen to focus on the brand every quarter of the fashion preview, and hope to immediately buy their own fancy every product.This season, we decided to break the routine, through Facebook live event for the audience to show the brand in New York Fashion Week activities, so that they can participate in the activities of the guests to enjoy the synchronization, and can see the product at the same time immediately buy favorite new single product.Kate Spade New York Satchel Grove Court Maise Brown
    Facebook live video is broadcast live on a global thematic website, and viewers can learn more about this series of design inspiration, including the exclusive disclosure of Deborah Lloyd’s inspiration in Morocco, and the Section of the introduction of a single product. Facebook live short film in the 2017 spring series “that is to see to buy” single product can be purchased through the Kate Spade Outlet instant purchase.
    Kate Spade New York Satchel Grove Court Maise Brown

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    As a young American brand, kate spade was started in 1993, quickly attracted a large number of fans worldwide. Especially after the gossip girl’s story appeared, compared to some of the old brand but also by the influx of young people like it. Currently Kate Spade (kate spade new york) foundry in China Qingdao, also a major original single outflow.

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    1. The first choice, look at work and needlework.
    Genuine kate spade traces not only neat but not exposed edge of the eye of a needle leather bag is also more rounded nature. Real money: around the magnet alignment contrast is obvious.

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    Kate Spade Outlet


    Kate Spade Outlet


    Kate Spade Outlet


    Kate Spade Outlet
    2. Next, look inside the bag package: logo pattern on the pockets of the real thing is wrought gold up, it will blink under the light. Decorative logo on the pocket only a tiny metal materials do embellishment spades; while the inside pocke of the faket is a leather, fabric color is beige biased point of imitation goods gold pattern on the pocket much worse than the line of genuine requirements.

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    3. The inner bag genuine kate spade handbags have Black Label (near the standard washing), and on the table there will be a significant black and silver! Silver line with the words of circulation kate spade! It is best to use to Tell a move. Fake black mark position and whether the words kate spade unable to do the same and genuine.

  • Kate Spade compares to MK and Coach

    Experts in the field of luxury goods, president of Fortune Character Institute Zhou Ting believes that the development of the state of Kate Spade and slow expansion in recent years of a relationship. “Light luxury brand ups and downs for two main reasons, one is crazy expansion cause serious damage to the image of the brand, the second is the quality of products, product design and innovation ability to keep up with the pace of expansion.”
    Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Small Harmony Tote Bag Bluebell Kate Spade Charlotte Street Small Sloan Turquoise Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Small Harmony Tote Bag Apricotn

    For light luxury brands, the shop within a certain time effectively increase market share, but it also means a potential decline. Coach and Michael Kors rapid expansion into the Chinese market, and even the former “30 shops per year” the speed of market expansion. Analysts believe that the crazy expansion resulting in a large backlog of inventory, capital investment is required to compressed margins.
    Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Small Harmony Tote Bag Yellow Kate Spade New York Satchel Grove Court Maise Brown Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel Yellow
    Zhou Ting believes that consumers love Coach and Michael Kors did not have continuity. JP Morgan analysts also said that the direct cause of low-cost discount is the later of the two, not the brand value. Statistics show that only 21% of consumers choose to buy because of the brand and Coach, Michael Kors while only 12%. Retail expert Robin Lewis said, “such as Michael Kors too popular brand originally wanted to please the consumer, but suddenly realized that consumers can see it everywhere, and everyone is using it. Brands do not have any special meaning . “in contrast, Kate Spade brand is more focused on young women.
    Kate Spade New York Wellesley Neda Zip Around Wallet Orange Kate Spade New York Lacey Wallet Babypink Kate Spade New York Cedar Street Maise Satchel Blue Kate Spade New York Satchel Grove Court Maise Brown
    Zhou Ting seems, Kate Spade can be appropriately accelerate the expansion of the market. “If the product innovation and product quality can keep up, the brand is able to expand development. Increased marketing efforts can be effective in improving domestic consumer awareness of the brand.”

  • Rising trend of Kate Spade

    Kate Spade last year though  claim the future will build 100 stores in China, but according to the official website of the brand, currently only open 24 stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Sichuan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities, which is to open in just six Outlet stores. Two years ago, the brand operates a total of 20 stores in mainland China, opened 4 new stores in 2 years far less than the speed of 55 stores in Michael Kors and Coach of a hundred stores.


    Rising trend

    Previously, Kate Spade had passed close Pipeline, men’s brand to clear brand positioning, and by reducing the number of outlets and lower discount efforts to maintain brand image. Kate Spade after the transition to maintain slow growth.

    According to statistics, a few very important light luxury brand in North American market, Michael Kors Group 2015 two consecutive quarters got the worst record, as of September 26 Group North America same-store sales fell 8.5%. For Coach, a 2015 third-quarter sales of $ 929 million brand, down 15% compared to $ 1.1 billion over the same period last year; while sales in North America by $ 648 million over the same period last year fell 24% to $ 493 million, same-store sales fell 23%. Kate Spade last year’s third quarter sales rose 10.7% to $ 277.3 million. North America, where sales grew 18.5% to $ 228.5 million.

  • brand introduction for kate spade

    Kate Spade brand is basically popular in bag , considered not very particularly classic brand, quite young. Some fashion magazine, Kate Spade is no doubt that the United States brands, still feel a little funny. Of course, Kate Spade and now also developing very well indeed, since 1998, Kate Spade handbags to get Best Accessories Designer of the CFDA awarded the brand, now in addition to the bags, the product line also extended to accessories, clothing, sunglasses, and other fields. Now Kate Spade boutique department store chain in the United States belonging to Neiman Marcus’s, also created a corresponding men’s brand called Jack Spade.

    American Idol 2005 draft champion Carrie Underwood, although age is also thirty years old, but has been dressed very casual very young.(The same star style)
    Style introduction:

    Kate Spade New York New Bond Street Hadley Tote nothing special to say, is a very common Tote. Color, there are several different options, but others such as brown, black felt like I have not only came very white bag. This package inserts white red edge always feel a bit Manchuria Eight Banners taste ah. Not worth the price a little bit, after all, designed to be quite general package.

  • A new brand of kate spade

    Speaking of the early years of the US light luxury brands, people first thought must be Coach , which is why now filled with C package. However, as the younger luxury market, diversification, Kate Spade  all these years has been as more young women locked target, while Michael Kors (MK) also gradually emerge by consumers. More than half of women are petty compared to Coach more willing to invest in these two brands.


    Why Kate Spade (KS) and Michael Kors (MK) so popular? –

    -First: Last year or two in the global shop very fast, they can sell the amount of the total number of global reach triple digits, because a large amount of stimulation shop faster sales growth.
    -Second: Consumers have developed consumer inertia of the traditional old luxury, they need new brands to meet their diverse needs.
    -Third: Brand high cost of these so-called luxury light, the price is not as expensive as the luxury line, but the quality can be, and the design is very trendy and stylish.

  • KateSpade bag true and false identification method

    Kate Spade is the latest hot lifestyle brand in Hong Kong and South Korea are berserk brand, the United States is absolutely first-line, New York Fashion Week regulars over the years to the simple and elegant design, distinctive color application , creating not only cater to the fashion trend, but also to maintain the self-style style.

    1st step: Check the straps. The real Kate Spade bag to bring: In just two lengths off the shoulder and design in your hand grip slip. If with different lengths, then this KateSpade bag is fake.

    2nd Step: Run down your bags both hands. The real KateSpade bag like accordion pleats, but fakes usually stick with a straight edge.


    3rd Step: Check the mode of Kate Spade website. Although the new design Kate Spade, each season, often displaying fake, it never produced Kate Spade mode. If you do not know, in the 888 – 999 – KATE check, you can confirm whether a particular line of a Kate Spade.

  • kate spade special

    Fall 2011, Kate Spade  in cooperation with the lipstick brand Poppy King, launched a new lipstick series “Supercalifragilipstick”. “Supercalifragilipstick” lipstick series with four colors, the texture of lipstick collection lipstick, lip gloss and lip balm in one component of the shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E, effectively make the lips all day to maintain moisture, and lightly coat can be perfect hair color, creating bright lips moist.
    Kate Spade chief executive Craig Levitt (Craig Leavitt), said the brand’s goal is to become a product line covers clothing, watches, jewelry, stockings and so all-round lifestyle brand. He said: “It is really important for our growth in terms of capacity.And also as we could see for kate spade bag/handbag are really popular among young people.We must believe Kate Spade brand would go far more than we could image.


    Though several decades pasted,we find the more time,the more result we can see and this will always prove the quality & style for the times.